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Locating the DJ

Although the title may have you believing this blog entry is about "Finding" a DJ for your event, I want to take a moment to discuss the actual "Location" of the DJ/MC AT your event.

Placement of the cake, the head table, and the buffet are easy to determine. However, the interaction your entertainer provides will be greatly enhanced by locating the DJ/MC as close to the dance area as possible.

If you have spent time interviewing entertainers, you obviously realize the impact he or she can provide to your event. Venues sometimes will downplay the involvement of the DJ and place the setup area in a back corner, or even in a balcony overlooking the party. Although the concept of having more room for the party seems a benefit at first, you might quickly realize the interactivity you paid for is noticeably affected.

Unless speaker and power cords are covered and taped across the floor, getting sound to the dance floor when the DJ is set back requires the speakers to be amplified at a higher level, possibly causing issues with the guests located between the DJ and the dancing area.

I have found the best scenario is to position the Dance floor either centrally with tables on both sides, or at the head of the room. In either place, the DJ can set up right next to the dancing area, focusing the sound there. As the party builds, guests who care to dance are able to gravitate inward. Those wanting to chat or just watch have the ability to do that around the room.

When discussing the setup of your room with the location coordinator, please keep in mind the importance of the DJ and how you want them involved. The location of the entertainer can "make" the party!!

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